Motorcycle Helmets

Welcome, we would like to present Canada’s #1 Motorcycle dealership, Blackfoot Motosports. In business for over 40 years they have accumulated the top bike manufactures in the world like BMW, Triumph, KTM and more. Now, getting to the main point, every motorcycle they sell in Canada the riders must wear motorcycle helmets. It is the law of Canada.

Blackfoot Motosports owners have searched the world looking for premium quality motorcycle helmet brands to bring to Canada. They have been highly successful. Below is a list of some current brands carried in which some are exclusive.


Motorcycle helmets save lives and are needed even for the smallest fall or even worst crash. Does not matter why type of bike you are riding or what type of terrain, you need it. BLackfoot solves that problem and we will list the riding styles of helmets below:

Full Face
Open Face
Dual Sport

Whether you are riding a sport bike or an adventure bike make sure you get the proper riding style helmet. If you have more questions please ask the amazing staff at

As for now, happy riding, stay safe and protected, cheers.

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